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Since 1969 Woodbury Lions have been serving the Woodbury community in alignment with the global causes adopted by Lions Club International. Our current focus is Vision, Diabetes, Childhood Cancer, Environment and Hunger Relief Over the past 43 years, our Woodbury Community Garage Sale has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in proceeds from the sale that go directly back into those five focus areas in our community*.

The families in our community who have a garage sale, are also able to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional income, and those attending the sale save money by purchasing items that, new, would cost much more.

Amid uncertainties and letdowns of 2020, and after much discussion, initial postponement, and serious consideration, we decided our community needs the Lions’ Woodbury Lions 43rd annual Community Garage Sale more than ever to make ends meet and to continue to support our many causes.

We wish you a safe and healthy time at this year’s sale, and thank you for your support and adherence, wherever possible, to the COVID guidelines below.  Also see our FAQ page


The garage sale will operate under the guidance of the Governor of Minnesota, and the federal CDC, and the Lions’ Board. While the Governor’s guidelines allow for garage sales, we strongly encourage sellers and buyers to follow the subsequent guidelines, to the best of their abilities:

Seller Guidelines

          • Do not host a sale if you are feeling ill
          • Set up your sale to allow for at least six feet of distance between people
          • Limit the number of buyers to 25 or as needed to maintain social distancing
          • Set as much merchandise as possible outside your garage
          • Limit the number of guests, if needed to maintain social distancing
          • Provide a hand sanitizer station if possible
          • Post a sign encouraging shopper’s to socially distance/wear masks in garage
          • Sanitize/disinfect high touch items or areas as appropriate
          • Wear gloves, wash or sanitize hands between each transaction

Buyer Guidelines

          • Stay home if you are feeling ill
          • Wear a mask, especially inside garages
          • Wash/sanitize hands before/after each stop
          • Present exact change whenever possible
          • Limit the number of people in each vehicle/group
          • Practice social distancing at all times
          • Limit time in garage space (don’t linger)

For more information on COVID guidelines, visit:

For more information or questions about the Garage Sale, please email us at: GarageSale@woodburylions.org

*The Woodbury Lions have provided vision screenings for more than 1,000 young children in Woodbury. Your regular donations and Lions’ collections of eyeglasses throughout the city help thousands of people around the world to see. Our team of early risers assists Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf drivers with the Food Rescue program, saving more than two tons of food a week for those in need. Our scholarship program helps students affected by Diabetes or Childhood Cancer, and new initiatives in support of those with Diabetes and Childhood Cancer are forthcoming. Sparked by the infamous events of 9/11 and the Second Iraq War, Lions took on an immense partnership with Woodbury’s veterans to build and pay for a large portion of the Woodbury Lions Veterans Memorial, and our golf tournament supports the maintenance of the memorial to this day. We’ve gifted money for Powers Park and Carver Lake Park pavilions and the Ojibway Park band shell, and our contributions to Ojibway Park won’t stop anytime soon; upgrades are needed, and the Lions are committed to help..