Q: Will there be garage sales in Woodbury in 2020?

             A:  Yes. The Woodbury Lions 43rd Annual Community Garage Sale is scheduled for 8 a.m.-5 p.m.                        Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 17, 18 and 19.

Q: How many sales will there be?

             A:  The number of registered garage sales is approaching 300.

Q: Weren’t the garage sales always in May?


                             A:  Not always. The Lions tinkered with various times of year, as well as a few years that featured                           citywide sales in both the spring and fall. The most successful sales have always been in the spring, and                 most every time a new experiment occurred, it was settled upon to stick to the weekend after Mother’s                   Day, which is typically Fishing Opener Weekend. In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Lions delayed                 the spring garage sales, rescheduling them for fall.

Q: With prevalent concerns about COVID-19, why not cancel the garage sales entirely?


             A:  Since 1969 Woodbury Lions have been serving the Woodbury community in alignment with the global               causes adopted by Lions Club International. Our current focus is Vision, Diabetes, Childhood Cancer,                     Environment and Hunger Relief. Over the past 43 years, our Woodbury Community Garage Sale has                     generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in proceeds from the sale that go directly back into those five               focus areas in our community*.

             The families in our community who have a garage sale, are also able to bring in hundreds of thousands                   of dollars in additional income, and those attending the sale save money by purchasing items that, new,                 would cost much more.

             Amid uncertainties and letdowns of 2020, and after much discussion, initial postponement, and serious                   consideration, we decided our community needs the Lions’ Woodbury Lions 43rd annual Community                      Garage Sale more than ever to make ends meet and to continue to support our many causes.

            We wish you a safe and healthy time at this year’s sale, and thank you for your support and adherence,                  wherever possible, to the
COVID guidelines provided here.

Q: How did you come up with these COVID guidelines?


             A:  The garage sales will operate under the guidance of the Governor of Minnesota, and the federal                        CDC, and the Lions’ Board. While the Governor’s guidelines allow for garage sales, we strongly                              encourage sellers and buyers to follow the subsequent guidelines, slightly more stringent albeit friendly                  suggestions, to the best of their abilities.

 Q: Why are you encouraging people to come from miles around to shop in Woodbury? Aren’t the garage sales putting the whole community at risk?  What if there is a COVID outbreak in Woodbury?


             A:  Fall sales have typically been scaled-down, by the very nature of the timing of the event. However,                    past sales during economic downturns have been successful. State and federal guidelines are being                      followed, and subsequent guidelines are slightly more stringent albeit friendly suggestions for safe                          selling and shopping. And remember: Participation in garage sales are voluntary.

Q: How can I safely host a garage sale this fall?

      A:  Seller Guidelines

           Do not host a sale if you are feeling ill
             Set up your sale to allow for at least six feet of distance between people
             Limit the number of buyers to 25 or as needed to maintain social distancing
             Set as much merchandise as possible outside your garage
             Limit the number of guests, if needed to maintain social distancing
             Provide a hand sanitizer station if possible
             Post a sign encouraging shopper’s to socially distance/wear masks in garage
             Sanitize/disinfect high touch items or areas as appropriate
             Wear gloves, wash or sanitize hands between each transaction

Q: How can I safely shop at garage sales this fall?

      A:  Buyer Guidelines

 Stay home if you are feeling ill
             Wear a mask, especially inside garages
             Wash/sanitize hands before/after each stop
             Present exact change whenever possible
             Limit the number of people in each vehicle/group
             Practice social distancing at all times
             Limit time in garage space (don’t linger)

Q: Are the garage sales a public safety hazard?

             A:  Encouraging garage sale buyers to come to Woodbury does increase traffic volume. Traditionally, this               public safety concern has been a welcome trade-off to the other option: a whole season of “eyesore”,                     non-uniform, garage sale signs that may be incorrectly and unsafely placed to potentially block drivers’                   sightlines.

Q: What causes do Lions support with proceeds from my seller registration fee?

             A:  The Woodbury Lions have provided vision screenings for more than 1,000 young children in                              Woodbury. Your regular donations and Lions’ collections of eyeglasses throughout the city help                                thousands of people around the world to see. Our team of early risers assists Christian Cupboard                            Emergency Food Shelf drivers with the Food Rescue program, saving more than two tons of food a                        week for those in need. Our scholarship program helps students affected by Diabetes or Childhood                         Cancer, and new initiatives in  support of those with Diabetes and Childhood Cancer are forthcoming.                     Sparked by the infamous events of 9/11 and the Second Iraq War, Lions took on an immense partnership               with Woodbury’s veterans to build and pay for a large portion of the Woodbury Lions Veterans Memorial,                 and our golf tournament supports the maintenance of the memorial to this day. We’ve gifted money for                   Powers Park and Carver Lake Park pavilions and the Ojibway Park band shell, and our contributions to                   Ojibway Park won’t stop anytime soon; upgrades are needed, and the Lions are committed to help.

Q: Do the garage sales help local businesses?

                   A:  The garage sale shoppers patronize our local businesses while they are in town. Buyers visit gas                      stations to purchase a print directory, and other items. Sellers spend money at Woodbury businesses,                    and the employees of those businesses spend money in Woodbury – thus multiplying the positive local                  effect of garage sale tourism.

Q: When will I get the “2020 Woodbury Lions Garage Sale” sign that marks my house as a participating garage sale?


             A:  One garage sale sign is included in registration. Please shop at the participating garage sales, as                      they are supporting Vision, Diabetes, Childhood Cancer, Environment and Hunger Relief in our                                community.  Signs are delivered on Wednesday to participating garage sales. Priority delivery – the first                  route to be delivered – is available for an additional fee upon registration. Visiting the kickoff party offers                  the fastest option – along with print directory pre-sale and discount buffet, the seller sign pickup option is                from 5-8 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 15 at Green Mill in Woodbury.

Q: Will there be a Lions Garage Sale in Woodbury in 2021?


             A:  Yes. The Woodbury Lions 44th Annual Community Garage Sale is scheduled for Thursday, Friday                     and Saturday, May 13, 14, and 15 next year.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?


             A: To register your garage sale and support Vision, Diabetes, Childhood Cancer, Environment and                         Hunger Relief, go to: lionsgaragesale.org.

             For more information on COVID guidelines, visit:

             For more information or questions about the Garage Sale, please email us at:                                                           

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