Helpful Hints
For information on recalled products that cannot be sold at your sale go to: or 


For information on how to price specific types of items try a web search on "pricing guide for garage sale items" you will find many sites such as:

There are many comprehensive guides to preparing for and holding a successful garage sale on the web.  A simple search on "successful garage sale" will give you many sites to check out.   Ignore the sections on advertising if you like -- As a result of our history, we bring literally thousands of garage sale shoppers into the community and to your sale!

What to do with what is left -- Consider such charitable organizations as: Goodwill, DAV, and Salvation Army.

You can also drop off at Savers*  

​* TVI, Inc. dba Savers / Unique Thrift, is a for-profit professional fundraiser soliciting donations on behalf of Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota, of St Paul, Minnesota, whose mission is to empower Minnesota veterans and their families to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. For items you donate at our Community Donation Center, Savers pays Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota 4.5 cents per pound of clothing and other soft goods, 3 cents per pound of miscellaneous household goods, 2 cents per pound of books, and 2 cents per item of furniture and other large items. For further information, please ask a team member or contact 425-462-1515. 

Special Thanks To Our Community Sponsors

Call 911 for police, fire, or medical emergencies. 651-439-9381 for non-emergency Washington County Dispatch. Please keep in mind that the garage sale weekend is a very busy weekend for public safety which may result in longer wait times for non-emergency complaints.

It is good to have a cell or portable phone outside with you in case of an "incident" such as a fall or a medical condition. Call 911 and be prepared to give your address, the exact location (driveway, garage,etc), the sex & approximate age, and nature of the problem.

If possible, have someone at the sale to assist you and have one person designated as cashier so no one can say they paid someone else.

It is best to avoid checks, especially from people you do not know. There are many banks and ATM's in our community you can direct shoppers to.

Set up the cashier’s table where they can see anyone leaving the sale.

Keep a very limited amount of money on you. Whether you use a tool apron, fanny pack, or cash box keep only enough money in it at any given time to make change for a $20 bill.

If someone wants you to break a large bill for a small item, apologize and tell them you will be happy to hold the item if they want to go get change. Don't open your drawer or pack and check for money in front of them.

Kids like to get in on the fun by having lemonade stands or selling water or pop but if they do, be sure it is very close to you and never right next to the street.

Lock the door into your home. It's easy for a person to slip into the house, take what ever they like or look to see what is there for future reference, all while you're busy helping a customer.

Set up tables so you can see every one of them from where you sit. If you hang clothes up for sale, do it on one side of the sale and use them as an outside perimeter. Don’t allow them to block your view to your house or other items for sale.

Have everything you want to sell outside and ready to be seen. Never walk into your house with a stranger to show them an item.

Public Restrooms are available to shoppers for locations & a map click on Information for Shoppers.

If a shopper creates problems, politely ask them to leave and let them know you will be calling police if they refuse. If they refuse to leave or you feel asking them to leave would create an unsafe situation call 911 - giving the nature of the problem and a physical and clothing description of the person.

If you are selling a lawn mower, snow blower, or other gasoline operated equipment be sure it is in proper working order and only demonstrate it outside.

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After putting so much effort into your garage sale, it would very unfortunate to fall prey to a shoplifter, or thief, or any other dishonest person. Here are some suggestions to help you keep your family, your home, and your goods and money safe:

Garage Sale Safety Tips


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