Helpful Hints

For information on recalled products that cannot be sold at your sale go to:

For information on how to price specific types of items try a web search on "pricing guide for garage sale items" you will find many sites such as:

There are many comprehensive guides to preparing for and holding a successful garage sale on the web.  A simple search on "successful garage sale" will give you many sites to check out.   You can ignore the sections on advertising-- As a result of our 38 year history, we bring literally thousands of garage sale shoppers into community and to your sale!

What to do with what is left -- Consider such charitable organizations as:

Drive through dropoff
10450 Hudson Rd
Woodbury, Minn. 5512

Special Thanks To Our Community Sponsors

To find your favorite local charity "Time to Organize" has fairly comprehensive list and description of the various charitable organizations in the Twin Cities.

Lastly you may want to contact one of the consignment shops located in Woodbury.

Too schedule a PickUp or
Call 651-487-2002

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