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Shopper Information

Our Community Garage Sale attracts many shoppers.  Below are a few tips that will, hopefully, help to make the garage sale experience more pleasant.

ATMs and Banks - There are many banks and ATM's in our community.  Our major shopping areas are located at the intersections of Woodlane Dr & Valley Creek Rd; Radio Dr. & Hudson Rd; Radio Dr. & Valley Creek Rd; Woodbury Dr & Hudson Rd; and Woodbury Dr. & Valley Creek Rd.

Parking - We have city ordinances that prohibit parking in front of fire hydrants and mailboxes.  Also, please don't park in front of driveways.   Be aware of and stay behind school buses.  Be especially careful for school kids between 7-9am and 2-5pm.

Call 911 for police, fire, or medical emergencies.  651-439-9381 for non-emergency Washington County Dispatch.  Please keep in mind that the garage sale weekend is a very busy weekend for public safety which may result in longer wait times for non-emergency complaints.

Need to take a break.  We have many parks with either permanent or portable facilities.  The map below is downloadable in a pdf file (Click here).

Woodbury lions

community garage sale